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My name is Sergey E-mail: w007s@mail.ru
I shall begin with that I love.
In the first love. I consider, that this main thing not only in human life, but also the Universe. Love - connecting all matter, for example the neutron and a proton constantly either make love, or aspire to merge, потереться. And it is natural, that it is peculiar to all alive. That naturally that is not a shame.
I love ice-cream, chocolate, ground coffee, pies, a pizza (itself I bake), music (beautiful and vigorous: the priest, fate, metal, national, classics, a trance, etc.), silence, the hen, meat, a buckwheat cereal, in general is tasty to eat. I like to play in the big tennis, to drive on rollers, побоксировать a boxing pear. I like to play behind a computer, to listen to books, to understand with any program. I like to sleep, see good dreams, to bathe and sunbathe.
I like to photograph and be photographed.
I love the nature, flowers (but not in a vase), sunrise and a decline, the star sky.
I like to draw, dance, sing.
I live in Ryazan. In 2003 has finished musical school on a class solo singing. In same to year Mr. Ryazan » participated in competition of beauty «, has won only competition of talents – has sung song Imagine - John Lennon. Here a photo from this competition, the visagiste has worked, at all do not learn.
Then year worked on the Moscow railway as the adjuster of a way. Then a floor of year in protection, too in Moscow. Recently completely itself has collected the computer (11.2005). It the first and consequently it was very interesting.
To my interests adjoin: protection, design, singing, dances, adjustment and assembly of computers, creation of a web-site, drawing, 3d the schedule, the politician.

About a site

On this site you learn about synthesis of the speech, what programs are necessary and as them to use (SAPI5, Elan TTS Speech Cube, MP3book2005, Digalo, ToM Reader). How to translate the information from 3ds max, using PROMT, 3d the dictionary, FrontPage 2003, and HTML Help Workshop. Will find small section for a cellular telephone: pictures, melodies, mp3. And the additional information on me.

Can enter the organization « Mission of the World » which I wish to create. Number of the organization huge. One person, on behalf of me. Who will be the second? I Hope sometime, it becomes mullions-strong.

Parameters of my computer:
AMD Athlon 64 3200 +, socket 939, 2Гб DDR3200, PCI-E 128Mb ASUS RadeOn X300SE, Elitegroup KN1 Lite.

Translation of the information 3ds max, by means of PROMT, 3d the dictionary, FrontPage, HTML Help Workshop. Synthesis of speech, MP3book2005, Digalo, ToM Reader, SAPI5, Elan TTS Speech Cube, Nicolai. Melodies for a cellular telephone, mp3, pictures. 3ds max 8, Elan TTS Speech Cube v4.2.0.0 Evaluation, PROMT 7, PROMT, 3ds max

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